• Audit Preparation and Regulatory Compliance

    OCIE solutions provide the tools you need to be prepared for your next audit and regulatory compliance...

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  • Secure Your Critical Information

    Business information archived, secured and ready when needed through OCIE Enterprise Content Management solutions...

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  • Legacy System Support and Conversion

    When our government and military wanted to preserve their critical information and convert legacy systems, they used OCIE solutions...

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  • Lead Your Industry with OCIE Tools

    CPFS provides proven methodology and uses OCIE Enterprise Content Management solutions to deliver critical information...

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  • Financial Institutions Use OCIE Automation Tools

    Capture, archive, extract and deliver information for reporting and payment processing...

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  • Reduce Default Processing Costs

    OCIE is used throughout Mortgage Servicing for automated payment processing, report and analysis, and efficient customer service response...

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  • Protect Critical Information for Your Future Business

    OCIE Enterprise Content Management solutions provide efficient tools for information archive, storage, reporting and fast delivery...

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  • OCIE Enterprise Content Management Solutions

    Rock-solid, efficient and secure. OCIE is trusted throughout the United States to archive, store and deliver critical businesss information...

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  • OCIE Technology Rock-Solid and Secure

    Governments, Financial Institutions, Mortgage Service Providers, Manufacturing and others trust OCIE as their critical information archive.

  • Fast, Efficient, Secure, Rock-solid

    OCIE ECM solutions help businesses throughout the United States automate processes, prepare for audits, and deliver better customer service reponse...

  • Your Business Could Use Better Efficiency

    Do you have I.T. projects that get pushed aside? OCIE helps overburdoned I.T. get priority projects done faster by enabling the user community to work more effectively on their own...

  • The Best Archive, Query, Reporting and Delivery Tool

    OCIE is a proven leader in world-class enterprise content management. Let OCIE show you more efficient and secure methods of managing your critical business information...

  • World-class Enterprise Solutions

    Your business depends on its critical information being readily available, secure and trusted. OCIE provides the tools that make this possible...

  • "The Keepers of Published Information"

    Customers often refer to OCIE when they need the best tools for archiving, storing, transforming and reporting their business critical information...

  • Keep Your Business Information Under Control

    Don't let the flood of documents, reports, spreadsheets, transactions, and more get out of hand. Use OCIE to help manage your critical business information...

OCIE® Information Management Solutions Take Content Management Further

You Can Use OCIE to Improve Workflow Performance, Solve Processing Issues, Increase Employee Productivity and Company Profitability

Customers define OCIE as the keeper of “Published Information”, information management solutions or content management solutions. Complete information archival and business process solution – not just content management software – OCIE information management solutions will satisfy your users’ craving with the industry’s fastest access to information and keep you in regulatory compliance with privacy, security and retention mandates. Essential to any modernization effort, OCIE provides enterprise-caliber tools to automate manual processes and accelerate business transformation with intelligence and speed.

“OCIE content management solutions are perfect for highly-regulated industries and provide an audit trail to satisfy regulatory compliance”

OCIE is a set of enterprise-caliber tools for information management and records management, integrated reporting, reporting alternative, legacy system conversion, document archival and retrieval, data mining, extraction and transformation. OCIE is a scalable solution used for capturing, indexing, retention, retrieval, delivery and future processing of both structured and unstructured information assets. The OCIE process promotes efficiency and economy while providing for necessary survivability and redundancy.

“OCIE information management solutions establishes a clear audit trail for regulatory compliance satisfaction”

"OCIE empowers the user community with the ability to create their own reports freeing up your overburdened IT department to focus on priority business needs"

As a result, users have unprecedented power to utilize their information for operational improvements, new reports, better workflow performance and cross-application information consolidation. The organization will then enjoy operational cost savings, increased business profitability, increased employee productivity, automated business processes, dramatic efficiencies and peak effectiveness.

“OCIE Legacy Systems Conversion Support helps businesses with disparate resources keep going during the transition period”

"Businesses use OCIE as an affordable reporting alternative. With OCIE you have powerful data extraction tools and easy to use reporting tools. No more getting charged for every little report your company needs"

Learn more about OCIE content management solutions for highly regulated industries like:

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Trending: Adoption of Managed Services Gaining Steam

"Financial firms, burdened with more regulations, increased operating costs and heightened pressure on their back office, are increasingly integrating technology service offerings into their software tools, such as hosting, cloud and managed services, to help them better control risks, manage costs and utilize resources more strategically."

"With more capital and resources being diverted to growing regulatory requirements, firms will consider migrating both core and non-core operations to trusted third-party managed services to help control costs."

That's according to SunGard (Information-Management.com May 2014), which recently conducted a survey looking at the global trends driving the growing adoption of managed services to help firms build smarter operations over the next 12-18 months.

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