What If You Could Start Your Facility Commissioning “As Installed” Rather Than At the End of the Qualification?

OCIE® Solutions are used by CPFS for pharmaceutical facility maintenance and regulatory compliance to save time and money in processes like C & Q

Pharmaceutical Biomedical

Pharmaceutical companies face numerous mission-critical issues affecting the day-to-day operations of their facilities. Maintaining maximum operational efficiency and continuity of operations is essential as a lapse in manufacturing production capability for even an hour may create great losses in company revenue. So, whether you’re a larger pharmaceutical company, biopharmaceuticals, biotech or biomedical, small contract laboratory, a mid-sized specialty company, or a global, multi-site manufacturer, the pressure to do more with less is universal.

Managing and reporting on regulatory and compliance issues also constitute key roles for facility managers. Information at you fingertips is indispensable for tracking accurately the history of regular cleaning, maintenance, repair, and replacement of equipment and building systems.

Your sophisticated and diverse instrumentation requires tighter tolerances than ever before. Your product quality and process reliability are paramount. And your equipment and facilities need to be maintained to the highest standards. To thrive, you have to find better ways to automate your work and collect field data.

Pricing constraints, global competition, reduced capital budgets – and especially increased enforcement activity by the FDA – all mean you need to be more productive, more efficient and 100% compliant. OCIE and CPFS methodology have been designed with the biopharmaceutical industry in mind.


Helping you to achieve: Continuous improvement, regulatory compliance, and to manage costs, as well as employing industry Best Practices.

In essence, it helps you do more with less.

Find out how OCIE can be configured to meet your unique needs. With a full suite of data management solutions, we can take you from Project Assessment to System Implementation quicker and by more affordable means.

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