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Donnell Systems offers a new and different kind of relationship. Our customers think of us more as a partner than a vendor. In our partnerships we commit to shared goals and information to help each other succeed. We focus on performance, innovation, and results. It is our nature to sense and respond to customer needs and continually improve their solution.

We have helped move the management of fixed content information from a back-office afterthought to a means of business transformation. The OCIE Subscription Service pay-as-you-go model has allowed organizations to enjoy savings and success without up front investment making the service and expense reduction not a capital investment.

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Since our founding in 1989, we have helped some of the largest institutions in the United States achieve cross-application and cross-platform information sharing. OCIE customers consistently report dramatic process efficiencies and reduced operational costs.

Our reputation for on-time, on-budget deliverables has endured for over fifteen years. We take an active role in prominent industry trade groups and serve a national clientèle in a range of critical industries including Finance, Healthcare, Defense, Manufacturing, and Distribution.

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Donnell Systems, Inc. began operations in 1989 as a Sun Microsystems business partner and software developer. Donnell fast grew to become one of Sun’s leading value added resellers and is the premier Sun supplier to the Chicago market.

At the same time Donnell developed OCIE (Online Computer Information Exchange) for information archiving and retrieval. Eventually Donnell Systems moved away from the Sun MicroSystems reselling business; now we focus solely on our OCIE product its related service offerings.

Donnell has emerged as a leader in computer output management software and services. Donnell developed and markets OCIE (On-line Computer Information Exchange) to organizations that strive to maximize customer satisfaction, employee productivity and data security.

Donnell serves a national clientèle active in communications, defense, education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, mortgage banking, publishing, and life science.

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