You Can Use OCIE® to Solve Your Information Management Problems

OCIE Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Our experience and customer relationships have evolved OCIE into a solid, highly-developed solution that will remedy a wide range of content management challenges. OCIE has served customers in more industries longer than most competitors. Robust and feature-rich, OCIE is a distinguished leader in fixed content management.




Some of the many benefits of OCIE:

OCIE and Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Engine
OCIE promotes regulatory compliance by ensuring that 1.) information is accessed by only those with appropriate permission, 2.) processes adhere to internal and external regulations, 3.) transmissions are encrypted and secure, and 4.) system backups are preserved on legally acceptable media and stored off-site.

OCIE and Immediate Information Sharing

Immediate Information Sharing
As knowledge workers disperse and demand greater access to information from disparate sources, OCIE accelerates information sharing through a platform independent, network-centric architecture.

OCIE and Money Savings

Implemented Bottom-line Money Saving Projects
OCIE saves you money and improves the bottom-line by streamlining data-intense processes and making users more productive.

OCIE and Customer Service

Improve Customer Service with Custom Views
OCIE drives a higher level of customer service by helping users respond faster to information requests thus reducing the need for callbacks. OCIE remedies many slow, error-prone processes that can erode customer confidence and jeopardize future business.

OCIE and Employee Productivity

Boost Employee Productivity
One of the toughest challenges facing corporate executives & managers worldwide is the need to encourage and mobilize their teams to work smarter, faster and be more productive.

OCIE DocVista and DataDigger solutions provide efficient methods for gathering crucial information quickly. Everything an employee needs to respond to a customer’s request is presented quickly before them. The customer is satisfied and the employee is much more productive.

OCIE and Process Automation

Reduce Mistakes and Turnover with Automatic Loading of Content to Spreadsheets, etc…

One way mistakes are reduced through OCIE solutions is the careful way OCIE uses predefined meta-data. When an automated OCIE process gathers information for archival it is tagged with this predefined meta-data making it less error-prone and more reliable. Thus making it faster and more efficient to retrieve in the future.

OCIE and Data Security

Increase and Sustain Data Security by Using OCIE Not Email Attachments
OCIE provides security measures to limit access to those with appropriate permissons. Security is also present in the way OCIE handles data. Data is written once and never overwritten. Any updates or revisions are layered thus creating a history for proper auditing.

OCIE and IT Projects Done Faster

Complete More IT Projects Faster by Users Doing Projects
Because OCIE tools are easy to use, fast and secure, IT professionals feel the relief from creating mundane reports and data handling that takes away their valuable time. OCIE frees them to work on the more important aspects of their position.

OCIE and EOB Processing

Process EOB with Less Overtime by OCIE Balancing and Report Creation
OCIE information is efficiently gathered and stored, ready for EOB remittance processing. Because OCIE has the information ready to go, employees are able to run reports rapidly, reducing the need for overtime.

OCIE and Information Consolidation

Consolidate Enterprise Information
Corporate information is stored in various forms throughout various locations. OCIE provides a fast and convenient solution to consolidate all legacy sources of information into an efficient library ready for use.

OCIE and Automate Data-Intense Processes

Automate Data-Intense Processes
Gathering reports from various sources and legacy data can be a daunting task. OCIE users know how quickly and efficiently DocVista and DataDigger solutions help them automate data-intense processes. Processes like EOM, for example, can be captured automatically and archived for future reference saving the company valuable time with manual processing.

OCIE and Guarding Against Disaster

Guard Against Mischief or Disaster with Security and Usage Logs
OCIE holds higher standards in data security with its unique system of storing critical information and the way users are able to access that information. OCIE information is written once and there is a clear audit trail ready for review.

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