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“Thank you for the excellent support (as always) during our 4.06 upgrade. OCIE’s stability, hands-free maintenance and incredible people enable me to focus on the success of our users. You’re why I designed the Fax Orders solution around OCIE, and look forward to it sharing many benefits throughout our Ascension network.

Thanks again for your time, effort and support.”

Bill Wesolek
Sr. Analyst & Systems Administrator
St. Mary’s of Michigan

“Our employee satisfaction and the ease of use is significant. With OCIE it is much easier to find the exact report they want and OCIE is much faster than what we used before. Even for remote users, at locations in other parts of the country or even India, OCIE is much, much faster. We are including OCIE on our base desktop image because we want to make sure everybody has OCIE at their fingertips. It is so easy to install, very quick to get access and get to information.”
Kim Thompson
Former Vice President,
Home Loan Servicing IT

“The biggest part was not having to run our other extract tool as much anymore because that cost money every time we ran it. Since the same data is available on the reports we store in OCIE, you can use DataDigger to pull the fields and there you go. And it’s a LOT faster. Much easier to use. DataDigger just makes it so much easier to grab that data.”
Andy Miller
Systems Analyst

“The previous tool we used didn’t necessarily work and it would take forever to run. For example, at the end of the month I’d have to look at one particular report, tens of thousands of pages, and it would take all dayI would have to do five or six different validations and it used to take me three days, maybe more. Three days is a long time. Now, with OCIE and DataDigger, I get done within a day and still have time to do other things. OCIE is a tremendous speed enhancement — it just makes my day a lot easier. It’s super fast.”
Bill Norton
Systems Analyst

“Connie e-mailed me yesterday and informed that instead of the usual 3 days it took for her to work her report, with DataDigger her workload has been cut to about 2-3 hours. Is this a testimonial or what???”
Kathy Langford
Community Hospital

“I wanted to let everyone of you know what an integral part you had in the successful implementation of OCIE v3.11…Kirsten and Pete, for answering all of the questions generated for implementing this upgrade – You are both a great credit to Donnell. Lori and Bob for making sure our DataDiggers were setup for our users. You saved us a great deal of time and heartache by having this set up for us before implementation. Thank you doesn’t quite seem enough. Mary, it was pleasure to be in your training sessions. Your presentation and timing was just right. The trainees I have the opportunity to speak to all had great things to say about you and the sessions they attended.”
Lori Espy
National City

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