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Increase Productivity Through Better Office Workflow

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Does it seem like nothing ever gets done around your office? Do projects sit idle waiting for someone to put them into production? Are there tedious tasks you perform that take up a good portion of your day? You may be the victim of poor business work flow practices.

Let’s define work flow for business. Workflow is simple the flow of work throughout a business. Good workflow practice means that jobs or projects get completed quickly and move efficiently from person to person seamlessly upon approval at each stage. In an office with bad workflow, jobs get stuck between one stage or another and completion schedules aren’t met on time. Projects can sit idle and make it feel like nothing ever gets done.

So how can productivity be increased and workflow improved? It just so happens that Donnell Systems provides a good answer in OCIE® Enterprise Content Management. Using OCIE many of the daily routines in business like various accounting, reporting, and customer service tasks can be automated freeing up employees to focus on other business tasks. OCIE can be integrated with your existing business workflow and Donnell developers can find efficient and effective ways to improve that workflow so your business is more productive and profitable.

Here are a few more reasons to automate your workflow using OCIE ECM tools. Automating helps identify and eliminate errors before further tasks are complete. OCIE can be set up to halt progress temporarily and alert the right individual for further review. When you automate repeat jobs or repetitive tasks through OCIE scripts can be run against the information or data elements archived to validate, combine, arrange, transform and deliver results to the next individual or stage in work flow. Automating and improving workflow in business helps reduce costs in labor and provides quicker customer service as well.

So, whether you’re taking on new clients, selling more products or handling more customer service requests, by increasing productivity through better workflow in your business, you will notice happier and more effective employees.

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