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Lynn Donnell, CEO & Founder


Valued Customer,

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When I started working summer jobs, my dad shared a basic truth about work. He said “employers hire you for the value you bring to them and you should always give them more than you receive”. This became a guiding principle through out my career. Each step from programmer, systems analyst, application architect, manager, part owner, and owner, I have sought to give more than received.

At Donnell Systems I have asked each person and area “What can you/we do to bring more value to our customers?” We first determine what is value for each customer: service improvements, speed information for decisions or cost reduction etc… then we focus our solutions to their goals. Each area contributes to customer value by: writing great code that is fast, reliable and maintainable; auto monitor operation to adjust and fix issues before the customer can observe them; document and train so customers can make changes and create new workflows; provide design and development to create the ideal solution for each customer issue.

I then ask each person and area to contribute their ideas for detailed actions to support the company goal for value delivery. Some of the best ideas come directly from individual employees who can see the customer needs and pass on their vision to expand the collective vision of the company. This ensures we fulfill our value promise to the customer.

Early in the company founding I chose to focus on digital information optimization in a network environment. The name OCIE® meaning Online Computer Information Exchange was taken and has remained true to our direction and services. Online is for network centric and includes the Internet so its growth over the last 20 years has added to our opportunities. Information is defined as the outputs of any system on any hardware and any scan, audio, photo or video. This also has had exponential growth over the last 20 years. Exchange is the use of information combining it and putting it into new forms needed for decision-making, new reporting, compliance and process improvements. The huge volume of information collected is often locked up in hard-to-get-to archives. Unlocking this content and reusing it has great value. OCIE’s reuse of information creates a value comparable to the information creation at a fraction of the cost.

Our tag line “Your information is more than data” refers to the fact that data is only used by computer applications to present information to the user on screen, paper, audio and video. Users think they are seeing data on their reports, PDF’s, documents, http views and spreadsheets when in fact they see information. The data used to create information is not understandable by people, just computer programs. The information in OCIE is computer application results and has all the logic applied to data to make it understandable and usable. For example, information extracted from EOM reports is the result of program logic that has been tested and balanced. If a user had to go back to raw data it would need to be processed, tested and balanced before it could be trusted. With OCIE users start from trusted information and can use extracts directly for spreadsheets and new reports all the while being tied back to the original audit trail.

OCIE empowers users to take independent action using our servers without disturbing their IT production, thereby getting more projects done while freeing IT resources for higher payback mission critical work. This ability extends to all content in the user department including information from other systems, cross platform, cross application, other companies and the government. With OCIE it is easy to create consolidated workflow, document, reports and spreadsheets.

With the tools we have created, service level we deliver and our dedication to continual improvement, I am confident we can deliver extraordinary value to each of our customers.


Lynn Donnell
Donnell Systems, Inc.

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