Embrace the Flexibility of Cloud Computing

Donnell Systems has over 10 years experience delivering OCIE software-as-a-service solutions that satisfy the most cutting-edge document management and regulatory compliance issues.


OCIE provides private cloud computing as an option for organizations looking to take advantage of operational and economic benefits in electronic document management. There is a need to manage, eliminate and reduce risks and costs associated with report and document management in the work environment. OCIE is a fully integrated document management service that is used to capture, distribute, manage, share and archive information such as computer reports, documents and scanned images that are critical to an organization’s operations. Organizations can depend on OCIE to provide document sharing and workflow, save them money and improve their bottom-line by streamlining manual processes and help employees be more productive.


Donnell Systems has been providing OCIE as a managed service since the early 90’s, but with the emergence and increasing acceptability of cloud computing, there is an opportunity to expand services to more customers. Customers own their information but avoid upfront and on-going capital expenditures, save IT resources and reduce internal system support costs. In addition, customers only pay a low monthly subscription fee for only what they use.

Whether you chose to use OCIE at your location or in a private cloud environment, you will receive reliable, trusted service from a partner that has your best interests in mind. Let our experienced business consultants show you how your organization can benefit from OCIE as a service and our private cloud computing option.

Private cloud computing benefits organizations of all types and sizes tremendously in the following ways:

  • Reduce and control costs. Consolidate facilities, optimize human capital, utilize assets efficiently, reduce capital expenditure.
  • Improve agility and adaptability. Virtualize resources, increase capacity with simple scalability, deploy software quickly, expand flexibly to meet needs.
  • Enhance services and collaboration. Take advantage of leading-edge applications, provide broad access for stakeholders, improve collaboration.
  • Address risk issues. Maintain critical service levels, help ensure resilience, choose cloud computing options that meet security and privacy requirements.
  • Collaboration efficiency. Information sharing and business communications between locations more affordably and effectively.

  • Level the playing field. Less infrastructure and fewer internal processes make organizations more flexible and agile. Benefits such as unlimited bandwidth, higher speeds, extending IT, 24 hour surveillance.
  • Coast to coast connectivity. With multiple multi-tiered fiber carriers available. Cloud provides fast access to markets throughout the United States.
  • Labor optimization. Cloud deployment requires little to no provisioning of extra IT resources. IT can focus on mission-critical tasks rather than routine operational and maintenance duties.
  • More environmentally friendly. Cloud computing enables organizations to cut back on their carbon footprint by using less space and energy resources.

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